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New enlightened whole world connects number to meet with often rubbish short mes
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Before two days, mr Li is new opened a mobile whole world to know number, but not expect is after new number is enlightened 3 days two short inside, he already got short message of nearly 20 rubbish. And, these rubbish short messages do not divide time when service, mr Li often is made a noise to wake in midnight, this makes him pained unceasingly.

Mr Li says, this piece of card will be September a piece of check that end mobile company sends newly, after he will charge a cost for the mobile phone on September 30, open number. And from debut to rose that day, many rubbish short message begins to undertake to his mobile phone " bomb " . Mr Li says, there is sell and acting education in these short messages of all previous, have those who consume travel, still have the news that buy a house, and number of the other side all is mobile phone number. After because fear reply short message perhaps is answered,be being dialed, oneself mobile phone will be deducted charge of high specified number, mr Li did not take step all the time. But rubbish short message still swarms into Mr Li mobile phone ceaselessly, and do not divide period of time, make a noise him when midnight even wake, this makes Mr Li pained unceasingly.

Yesterday, the reporter examined the short letter box of Mr Li mobile phone, still put inside mailbox have 78 rubbish news. Mr Li says, this has been him after cutout passes, he estimated roughly, 3 days two short inside, already received short message of many 20 rubbish.

Yesterday, the reporter calls China to move center of 10086 customer service. Staff member of customer service center expresses, a batch of before the mobile phone date of Mr Li is belonged to old number, be enabled afresh again now, just put in this kind of phenomenon so. Machine advocate can go to transmit of rubbish short message 10086999, mobile staff member can execute the law related combination the branch takes action, it is these information machine advocate screen.

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