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Carry date to turn business of difficult this month pilot operation drafts the n
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A few days ago, mobile phone user carries date to turn the message spread fast with pilot this month net, but up to now, the Tianjin that serves as one of two pilot cities still is to not throw the troops into battle. Concerned operation business disclosed yesterday, carry date to turn the net is in pilot this month possibility is not large, but should meet spread out before the end of the year.

Telegraphic expert expresses, the user that gives to turning, operation business is carried out probably to its " make piece must not enter " " castigatory sex " plan.

TD network future also can be carried number turns net

A few days ago, industry letter ministry already extended to operation business file, plan to experiment in Tianjin and Shenzhen " number is carried " reform, but it is one-way that this kind of number carries policy, the user that allows Chinese shift namely carries number to choose other operation business, the user of other operation business cannot switch into Chinese shift so. But the user of Chinese mobile TD-SCDMA is not brought into " number is portable " limits.

Wang Jianzhou of Chinese mobile president expresses at the same time, future is other date paragraph the TD network that mobile phone user can lead date to turn into China to move, and 157 of TD paragraph of mobile phone user cannot turn in order to bring number to network of other operation dealer inside.

This one policy comes back to be inspected namely concerned branch is in to Chinese shift carry date to turn compensation of losing of the user in net process. Divide this beyond, the personage inside course of study thinks generally, carry date to turn after the net is pilot, chinese shift is met probably obtain from the Chinese UniCom respect that be benefited similar " the settle accounts between the net " compensation.

Transfer period after instead two-way

Current, 60% what China moves to hold mobile user share about, chinese UniCom is occupied 24% , the small clever commensuration that Chinese telecommunication and net connect is occupied 16% . Expert of telecommunication of university of Beijing post and telecommunications Professor Ceng Jianqiu thinks, difference of 3 users portion is too big, and high-end user basically masters in in in mobile hand. Executive number is portable, advantageous market competition is relatively equal, market share is achieved relatively balanced. Tianjin and Shenzhen of two ground carry date to turn if net job is pilot successful, this anew politics probable meeting is popularized in two years of indrawn whole nations.

User number is portable the sex of a foundation that the system is regarded as to ensure telegraphic market fairness competes normally is telegraphic legal system. Case of this one party basically is have asymmetry control from policy, in order to balance the competitive circumstance between 3 operation business, avoid alone big. "One-way carry date to turn the net just transfers after all measure, from worldwide look, two-way each other turns will still be inevitable trend. " Ceng Jianqiu says.
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