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Hong Kong chooses 120 yuan of HSDPA and WiFi mobile formula
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On October 5 message, and yellow 3 Hong Kong announce to roll out brand-new " expend a plan without limit month " , popularize mobile Internet application further; This one formula includes speech and video to communicate, mobile data flow and not Wi-Fi of set limit to, the user passes supportive HSDPA and Wi-Fi mobile phone to be able to reach many locate at enclothing the HSDPA network of complete harbor the Wi-Fi of recreational area browses a webpage, need has the Nuojiya that specifies type the mobile phone just can apply for.

The price is equivalent to Beijing ADSL

"Without limit month cost plans " buy engine contract price to include month of 138 HK dollar (add up to) of 121.7 yuan of RMBs about, include speech and video to communicate dosage of data of flow of time, 150MB and not Wi-Fi of set limit to, need not apply for data appreciation service separately again; If the client takes a mobile phone to join a network oneself, simply pays 98 HK dollar every months (86.4 yuan of) , beardless autograph is made an appointment with, include speech and video to communicate flow of mobile data of time, 100MB and not Wi-Fi of set limit to.

Appoint model mobile phone to be Nuojiya 6220Classic, E66, E71, N78, N82 and N958GB. If the user uses flow of HSDPA mobile data to exceed a formula, collect fees with every 10 HK dollar / 30MB is an unit, 290 HK dollar seal a top.

3 Hong Kong own the HSDPA network that covers complete port, and 2000 Wi-Fi heat exceeds in complete harbor through Y5ZONE company -- include dining-room, cafes, bazaar and school to wait. Flaunt like place of 3 Hong Kong " popularize mobile Internet " in that way, formula price already the ADSL under Beijing, the application that the company says to will popularize mobile data further comes each estate, encourage service of service data of user of more mobile phone, promote an individual life quality.

3 Hong Kong have every months of 58 HK dollar before this not Wi-Fi of set limit to serves, the mobile phone that can carry any supportive Wi-Fi is wireless get online.

Promote 3 shift data application service

3 Hong Kong roll out 3 new mobile data to use a service at the same time, include " 3 mobile phones discuss a region " , " map of 3 satellites fixed position " reach " 3MailforExchange " , choose " expend a plan without limit month " the user of the formula, OK and free try out afore-mentioned services 3 months.

3 mobile phones discuss a region (wrap) of month of 8 HK dollar: Include Discuss to be ascended area of Hong Kong discussion, Uwants discussion area, high discussion area, newsgroup, close child kingdom and Nakuz Le Gu, the user can send topic of the heat in topic of new note, reply, clingy city in each discussion areas.

Map of 3 satellites fixed position (wrap) of month of 8 HK dollar: Pass Nuojiya mobile phone beforehand the Hong Kong map of buy and GPS, can satellitic navigation fixed position, the heat that can search for vicinity at the same time for example: The information such as dining-room, bank, theater, gas station.
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