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UniCom telecommunication hands over a detail: All relationships are severed insi
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On October 6 message, according to Chinese UniCom and China's telegraphic relevant announcement, the CDMA network of operation of UniCom of primary reason China already will turn smoothly on October 1 by Chinese telegraphic operation, but transfer period major work still is propped up by UniCom, serve to each C net, the service ends during the transition that UniCom assumes time is differ. Among them, c network customer service, uniCom seeks advice at will stopping to be offerred for CDMA user on November 1, the artificial service such as inquiry; And UniCom postal service hall stops to be offerred for CDMA user at will rising on April 1 next year seek advice, pay cost, business is dealt with wait for a service. Such, at latest arrives next year on April 1, uniCom and C net break away from all transition period the service concerns.

Transfer period UniCom still provides tiring-room support

The announcement of telecommunication of the China before this says, "The agreement that signs according to both sides agrees, since October 1, 2008, the management main body of CDMA business will be Chinese telecommunication by Chinese UniCom change " .

It is reported, will transfer to the first when will be C net complete a business transaction in November on October 1 period, here client servive routine begins to be assumed by Chinese telecommunication, but tiring-room data still provides support by UniCom of China of C net old boss.

Chinese telecommunication saves a company to also had made each preparation each. Serve a risk in the light of what the likelihood exists during complete a business transaction for example, company of Chinese telegraphic Shaanxi combed 22 risks type, 70 risks are nodded, made nearly 80 risks control measure. What if to solve C net former some fills the service that be worth card to encounter in the certainly will in process of complete a business transaction,arrive is disadvantageous, specially made new technological process; The data that appears to the likelihood in complete a business transaction is erroneous, chinese telecommunication saves a company each is to was this to be made actively more corresponding beforehand case; Affirmatory to business of relevant former operation blame carries on completely, telecommunication also made a loss amend plan.

Because transfer period major work still is propped up by UniCom, business of two big operation established telegraphic, UniCom to serve safeguard group jointly, made jointly cross operation trade complaint handling flow, transfer period business processing principle, with period harmonious solution transfers definitely period settlement problem, safeguard transitional serves stability.

Customer service joins a case

Join a case about customer service, china is telegraphic at each district aggrandizement service center of complete province client, provide professional work of C net user inquiry, obstacle, complain explain accuse wait for a service, establish C in postal service hall the net serves a special administrative area or only banquet, offer business to accept, the service such as pay cost.
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