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Sichuan telecommunication CDMA casts substantial solid word to dial CDMA complet
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On October 8, the 3rd day after National Day golden week, ms. Wang dealt with the CDMA mobile phone of a resurgence on avalokitesvara bridge shopping mall. She tells a reporter, dealt with this mobile phone to just put 300 yuan telephone bill beforehand. "Put a telephone bill to be able to take a mobile phone freely beforehand not just, and telegraphic and fixed phone is dialed tie decided CDMA mobile phone completely free. " Ms. Wang of one face excitement resembles a bagman, draw a lot of citizens to stop watch.

Put a telephone bill to send a mobile phone, buy a mobile phone to send word of telephone bill, solid to dial CDMA mobile telephone integral of completely free, CDMA changes a series of sales promotion methods such as gift to make a person too many things to see. Telecommunication has begun in the first round of onslaught after taking over CDMA business formally.

Buy the mobile phone sends a telephone bill

Yesterday, the reporter sees in postal service hall of avalokitesvara bridge telecommunication, include SamSung, cruel clique, resurgence, China for, the sea believes those who wait for a brand inside tens of paragraph CDMA mobile phones are placed on bar, these mobile phones still are being hit " Chinese UniCom " model of written characters. Staff member introduction, enter net user newly in the light of what buy CDMA mobile phone now, telecommunication rolled out 300 yuan of telephone bills that differ to 3000 yuan to give, very substantial.

This personage introduces, buy the different price of the mobile phone according to the user, telecommunication rolled out 300 yuan respectively, 600 yuan, 900 yuan, 1500 yuan, 2400 yuan and 3000 yuan in all the telephone bill of 6 kinds of different class is given. "The amount that gives a telephone bill will not retail price of prep above mobile phone, obtain give telephone bill period of efficacy to be 24 months, can support the in part that deducts amount of every months of actual spending. "

As we have learned, the consumer that conducts this kind of business will enjoy free to listen to a formula directly super masses blocks endowment cost. Specific for every months of 15 yuan month rent charge, in advocate the city is received inside 8 areas listen completely free, cent period of time dials minutely lowest to be 0.1 yuan (busy when minutely 0.22 yuan of) . This staff member introduces, by telecommunication custom-built new mobile phone of a batch of CDMA will arrive in next month, will see the CDMA mobile phone that having Chinese telegraphic LOGO first at the appointed time.

Solid word is dialed CDMA is completely free

The experience of solid word user that this one action lets telecommunication arrived greatly substantial. Telegraphic and relevant personage introduces, the CDMA mobile phone that should using Chongqing this locality only is telegraphic perhaps solid word, do not need any commitment, lest expend,can conduct this business. After conducting this business, with respect to the privilege that can enjoy telegraphic solid word to dial CDMA mobile telephone freely.
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