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Date of mobile phone of 2.75 million dollar is record in record of auspicious Ni
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On October 5 message, according to foreign media coverage, qatar is telegraphic (the 6666666 prices with 2.75 million dollar are record in number of QatarTelecom) mobile phone 2009 record of world of edition auspicious Nisi; 88888888 what record of the most expensive number is China before this, value 480 thousand dollar.

Creation of this one record is breathed out more at Qatar capital local time on May 23, 2006, the person that a faceless contest is patted with Li Yaer of 10 million Qatar (by exchange rate computation adds up to 2.75 million dollar about at that time) high price was bought mobile phone number 6666666, he leaves 10 minutes after the auction begins gave value one day this.

Qatar telecommunication raises fund for local charities is and held this auction to meet, the person that 8 contest are patted is about to pay each for entrance ticket only 3000 Liyaer (825 dollars) . Entrance ticket earning contributes a beneficent orgnaization of place, and auction earning of mobile phone number 10 million Liyaer is used at developing beneficent medical treatment to serve.

World record publishs Jinisi first 1955, in the whole world with 25 kinds of languages 100 many countries and area travel, sell more than 3 million every year.

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