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Nuojiyaximen child joint-stock company expands to be thrown to TD-SCDMA
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Yesterday, reporter from Nuojiyaximen child communication China company (Nuo of the following abbreviation on the west Chinese company) know, chinese company will expand Nuo further on the west its are right the devoted strength of TD-SCDMA of Chinese 3G standard, include to be in its in the near future China TD major serves a group to expand 1200 people.

Nuo on the west Chinese company still announced yesterday, chinese company had passed Nuo on the west the TD of industry letter ministry checks into the net and obtained equipment to enter net license, what can participate in future project of TD2 period invite public bidding. Before this, the outside has sent a message, nuo will be mixed on the west partner China the shift in be being participated in to part this TD invite public bidding, and communication of bridge of vessel of bilateral and joint-stock company will become sale platform.

Shao Guanghua of Chinese company vice president discloses Nuo on the west, at present Nuo on the west already bear the TD network construction of mobile Shenzhen in was being built, and in in tripartite appraise through comparison checks the TD of mobile and newest organization in, the network performance that Nuoxidi offers ranks the first, enlarge TD investment this, also indicating Nuo will be increased on the west right China 3G is devoted, have an advantage in order to be in the telegraphic equipment competition of prospective 3G times.

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