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Beijing shift will send a telephone bill to recommend a good friend to beat 30 y
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On October 8 message, beijing shift is based on new network platform " data base camp " roll out send a telephone bill the activity, come from October 7 during October 30, the user is registered in data base camp, organic meeting is obtained highest 30 yuan of telephone bills fill the award that be worth card.

Chief expresses to the reporter related Beijing shift, this second activity faces data base camp to register an user. During the activity, every success recommends a new user to download full music, can win 200 medal. Accumulative total recommends 5 new users successfully to be able to obtain 10 yuan of telephone bills to fill the award that be worth card, recommend 10 new users to be able to obtain 30 yuan of telephone bills to fill the award that be worth card,

It is reported, beijing shift rolls out the purpose of data business, basically be to hope to pass the interconnection each other of network of mobile phone communication and traditional network to connect, what extend terminal of user mobile phone in the round is practical with recreational property, what realize operation business and user thereby is double win. Should say this is the market with a quite considerable foreground, because almost all mobile users change the user that is new business likely group.

Chief emphasizes related Beijing shift, want to achieve this goal, education user habit became a decisive issue. For this, beijing shift is adopted yield benefit the total strategy at the user, rely on platform of the network below the banner " data base camp " roll out a series of already simple and relaxed and lively, interesting, interact again the activity that habit of operation of user of stronger, give attention to two or morethings develops the gender, attract an user to participate in with rich and generous award. The user that participates in an activity is in relaxed and happy win take award while, also be in imperceptible in the square field surface that was familiar with business of of all kinds data.

To this, the personage inside course of study expresses, will tell from market sale angle, data base camp engineers the series activity that rolls out, it is the action that add fuel to the fire reached since the promotion of business of Beijing mobile data undoubtedly. And to neophilia, be happy to participate in, for the mobile user that wants to get award, participate in the of all kinds activity of data base camp, in recreation and honest award is won in interacting, it is a joyful thing anyhow.

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