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In sky from TOM thunder of net king thunder bets calm 3G wireless business chanc
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Arrive from TOM in sky net, inside course of study think king thunder thunder is to attach most importance to the capital that pick up SP to go generally. According to foreign media coverage, base of the moon on the net in sky announces, the board of directors already appointed Wang Lei of vice-chairman of former TOM group CEO of Lei Wei company, and he is the election chairman of board of directors, these two appoint will on October 13, 2008 become effective.

Can say, of king thunder thunder this " shunt " be in early inside course of study in anticipation, currently hold the post ofeven the net in sky CEO Zhou Yunfan also not stint is admiring.

If say, the each pace of bazaar more bet like bureau, so king thunder thunder this still stake is wireless business. He says: "Current, the net in sky is one of China's banner wireless Internet brands. As the arrival of 3G times, we will welcome more opportunity. " self-confident, courageous and resolute and him what be brave in to accept a challenge, whether in sky the net weighs model " times of Wang Lei thunder " be worth to expect.

Resign oldly, result from business of TOM wireless appreciation downfallen

Mention king thunder, must leave from TOM piece. Analytic personage thinks, of king thunder thunder leave one's post with business of TOM group whole glide about, this virtually is pair of Wang Lei thunder is entered advocate of the net in sky apply pressure.

The metaphase money that releases according to TOM group signs up for  2008 first half of the year deficit of TOM group turnover 5. 4.7 billion. Among them, loss of Internet business income 55 million HK dollar. Once most the TOM that feel honored is online and wireless appreciation business now general trends already went, this superabundant to all along self-confidence king thunder thunder, as good as the psychological doorsill at a the most difficult exceed.

Look from relevant data, king thunder thunder is not the person that small talk abandons. He what be born in military old and well-known family depends on that heroic spirit and acumen to guide TOM to walk out of network trough for a time just about. In July 2000, TOM is online and formal go up line. Business of mobile short message is arisen in just meeting subsequently, the king thunder thunder of nose business chance looks be like actuation underground one bets: Shift all resource of sale of operation of TOM online website, market and group, dedicated develop wireless Internet business.

The fact proves, this betted king thunder thunder to win.  TOM is online 2004 convert wireless appreciation domain, sit firmly for a time throne of champion of wireless appreciation market. However good view is seldom, TOM gradually " drop out " reason end rises have two: It is be put into trouble rectify to the severity of wireless appreciation business at former 2004 MII, this to advocate business Wu evens more the 9 TOM that come from wireless appreciation business into income are online and character is undoubtedly " annihilative " inflict heavy losses on; 2 it is the Internet strategy that lack has an advantage alone. The with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning of king thunder thunder makes on certain level TOM is immersed in " earn fast money " short-term indulge. In December 2006, TOM has received Ebay of platform of C2C electron business affairs from inside hand of Ebay of tycoon of global electron business affairs - easy interest 51 % share, and its more the name is TOM easy interest. The old position that because this shake cleans out treasure,the king thunder thunder that bend does his best fails after all, because easy interesting itself serves as free platform to be able to not produce clear income, advertisement income fails to become TOM on-line from beginning to end main income, be destined so what TOM cannot make the door such as sina, Sohu is brilliant.
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