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Telecommunication chooses IM software in account of wide happy communication mus
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On October 10 message, move in Chinese UniCom follow the lead of the day before yesterday after rolling out gregarious website, chinese telecommunication rolled out a wide happy communication again yesterday, this also is it is afterwards mobile UniCom and net connect 3 home appliance to believe operation business to roll out flying letter respectively, exceed a letter, the software of IM of business of the 4th operation after sharp letter.

Telecommunication chooses IM software in wide happy communication

Telecommunication chooses IM software in wide happy communication

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According to introducing, the Zhang date of wide happy communication must be telegraphic fixed phone, what can connect to mobile phone of mobile, UniCom and telegraphic net is small after debutting well-informed send a short message, small well-informed 0.08 yuan / , mobile phone short message is 0.1 yuan / , substantially and telecommunication endowment cost keeps balance. Total cost is synchronous when using plan join phone Zhang number, need not additionally capture is expended.

Can see from its sketch map, the user can dial arbitrary telephone number on dial directly, include international long-distance. Be away on official business when people when the other place, have the aid of is wide of happy communication bind calm setting, the user still can use rate of city telephone bill to dial a long distance call.

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