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Market of game of Korea mobile phone is in atrophic
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Will hold on October 24 " forum of height of exposition of culture of network of the 6th China International " go up, korea game industry revitalizes courtyard Beijing to pay a company chief delegate Chinese hackberrya needs stannum was done " current situation of market of game of Korea mobile phone " the theme makes a speech.

Game of Korea mobile phone appears from 1999 after the earliest download type game, had had 9 years of much histories to today.

From the development of industry of game of Korea mobile phone course looks, it is very driving that market of game of Korea mobile phone is growing primary growing impetus, growing speed also is very swift and violent. In the statistic last year, the sale of game of Korea mobile phone achieves 251.8 billion Han yuan, growing rate is achieved 5.4% . But arrive from 2004 during 2006, the impetus that grow is in wear off. The part of game of Korea mobile phone collects fees now, also be the market share that prop sells this kind of kind only in growth, through SNS the service also raised the earnings pattern of a few markets.

The line on 985 mobile phone game

The game amount that market of game of Korea mobile phone makes is decreasing, the platform of operation business is expanding however. The mobile phone game that gives newly last year achieves 985, than going up year decrease somewhat, the game that acts as agent because of place of business of each mobile operation can appear reduplicative circumstance, the amount of the novice machine game that manufactures truly so will be fewer.

Consumer prediction of a person's luck in a given year, market atrophy. On the whole, the dimensions of market of spending of mobile phone game is in atrophy, because newest set is the cause client of mobile phone game to be given priority to with high school student, high high school student,the reason is, but because these students were interrupted after graduation,continue to finish mobile phone game. So, the client is in drop off.

The much change of earnings pattern. Although consume the market to be in atrophic, but the effort that Korea also tried a variety of earnings structures to change current form. Last year a year by market attestation 3 kinds of new earnings pattern, prop sale, part collects fees SNS, still prop shop serves 3 kinds of kind.

Develop environmental change, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of manpower. The change on market of game of Korea mobile phone is the biggest last year is development environment. Basically be before 2005 give priority to with BM and Java, after 2005, the gives priority to with VPC mobile phone game that gives newly is being added gradually much.

3G communication begins gain ground

At present the development of game of Korea mobile phone had formed very normal, steady development flow. Of environment of technology of second times communication gain ground, the 3G that is based on HSDPA corresponds and the network of Wibro is gaining ground in Korea. Additionally is the change of means of mobile phone input, at present the mobile phone appeared to feel screen and shake, use these functions to be able to create an updated mobile phone game.
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