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Sales revenue amounts to Korea KTF telegraphic Q3 1.05 billion yuan
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Beijing time on October 27 message, according to Han Lian the company reports, korea KTF telecommunication announces finance affairs of 8 years of the 3rd quarter 27 days to report, company sales revenue amounts to 220.9 billion Han yuan (1.05 billion RMB) , business profit amounts to 169.7 billion Han yuan, net profit embellish amounts to 73.6 billion Han yuan, respectively relatively the corresponding period grew 13.5% last year, 41.6% , 17.0% .

This company appeared to do business since company stock appears on the market first in 8 years of the 2nd quarter deficit, amount to 13.9 billion Han yuan, this money signs up for this loss also plan enter inside, business profit still did not appear deficit. Each mobile company adopts Korea measure avoids to appear excessive competition, in 8 years of the 2nd quarter, the sale cost of Korea mobile market already amounted to 515.1 billion Han yuan, according to the analysis, the 3rd quarter, hopeful of this one word is cut down 32.5% , amount to 415.8 billion Han yuan.

The service revenue of the 3rd quarter is KFT telecommunication one thousand five hundred and one billion six hundred million Han Yuan, grow 7.7% compared to the same period, this money that before already exceeding this, makes year the target that grows 7.0% . Suffer nevertheless inside seasonal change and network discount, and the influence of the element such as contract agreement, service revenue of the 3rd quarter relatively go up to decrease first quarter 1.0% . The sale of branch of data of the 3rd quarter grows 18.2% compared to the same period, relatively go up to grow 3.6% first quarter, amount to 235.4 billion Han yuan.

In 8 years of the 3rd quarter, amount of Korea KTF telegraphic user is added completely 93 thousand, amount to 14.26 million. The average income of every user is worth ARPU to grow 4.43% compared to the same period, amount to 31893 Han yuan (about 152 yuan of RMBs) . KFT is Korea business of operation of the 2nd big mobile telephone, when September, this company presiding apparitor accuses abdication because of taking bribes, at the same time this company also is Symbian association member.

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