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Spanish telecommunication is decreased hold H of UniCom of 28.09 million China
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Get the influence of global finance storm, whole of latter security market drops serious. It is reported, from October 15 Chinese net is connected (00906, HK) retreat city formally, new UniCom (00762, HK) since holding water, the influence that is dropped by integral big city, new UniCom share price also drops serious, accumulative total drops achieve 27.74% .

And notable is, the Telefonica SA of Spanish telecommunication tycoon of the largest private stockholder that new UniCom is about to become before this is decreased considerably during this however held 28.09 million new UniCom.

The reporter is mixed from American negotiable securities yesterday trade see on committee website, mix to American negotiable securities in Spanish Telefonica SA trade the data that committee place submits shows, end on October 25, telefonica SA already hold new UniCom one billion two hundred and seventy-eight million four hundred thousand common stock, 5.38% what be equivalent to UniCom already issueing capital stock entirely.

Additional, hong Kong couplet hands in the rights and interests that announces to announce a data to show, up to on October 15, telefonica SA in all hold China UniCom one billion three hundred and six million four hundred and ninety thousand share, 5.5% what occupy Chinese UniCom to already issued capital stock entirely.

Data shows, when on October 15 new UniCom holds water, Telefonica SA returns hold the new UniCom share of 5.5% , and on October 25, its hold a quantity to be only however 5.38% , than before announces rights and interests decreases somewhat. Look so, in 10 days after new UniCom holds water formally, telefonica SA is decreased in all held share of 28.09 million new UniCom, decrease hold place to hold proportion for 0.12% .

As we have learned, after telecommunication recombines plan to come on stage before long, telefonica SA ever expressed to the outside, its expect what new UniCom becomes new UniCom to become a shareholder the largest private stockholder. Net of China of the hold before Telefonica SA is early opens the share of 5% , announce to will divide second investment in its most 802 million euro buys Chinese net to connect most after the share of 5.74% , its hold a scale to increase to 9.9% to what Chinese net connects, the new UniCom after because this was obtained,be being changed the share of 5.5% .

On October 14, chinese net connects newspaper of the last day to receive 12.04 HK dollar. On October 15, merge into the Chinese UniCom after the net is connected does business formally with the identity of new UniCom, but the new UniCom after incorporating in fact in the market performance is not good, share price goes low continuously. UniCom dropped considerably again yesterday 10.31% , the newspaper receives 8.7 HK dollar. So far, after new UniCom appears on the market, in all accumulative total dropped 27.74% .

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