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New old firm is contended for grab doorsill of industry of enterprise mailbox pa
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240 million, 680 million, 1 billion... although each markets seek advice from an orgnaization beforehand the number of appraise is not same, but those who be without doubtful point is, they special the enterprise mailbox market that values current our country. Of national policy give aid to and 2008 Olympic Games, incomplete abstruse meeting two international weigh general Yo match hold, make broad medium and small businesses welcomes rare development opportunity, informatization process is carried in the round fast, enterprise mailbox market faces inviting prospect.

The breathtaking speed that the market expands makes the manufacturer of business of mailbox of enterprise of be covetous on increasing, in succession be eager for doing sth wants to divide a cup of a thick soup. Be aimed at this one current situation, the personage inside senior course of study points out, although market of mailbox of enterprise of current our country is remote crudely, but the manufacturer passes a few existing mainstreams to be accumulated for years, had established certain industry threshold in respect of software, hardware, if actual strength is not quite driving,take a firm newly, cut a next cake that belong to oneself very hard from inside industry tycoon hand.

Informatization of medium and small businesses is carried fast the enterprise that urge fire mailbox market

In recent years, development of our country medium and small businesses is swift and violent, from hair change appoint offerred data looks, 8 years domestic medium and small businesses already broke through 42 million, 99.8% what hold company sum total, 58.5% what the service of creation and product value take gross domestic product for a time.

2008 to medium and small businesses it is a rare development opportunity more. The country is in what the respect such as finance, taxation comes on stage in succession to promote the policy that medium and small businesses develops, and the Olympic Games, incomplete abstruse meeting the gross profit that two international match brings is good, make the development of medium and small businesses greets a new peak.

However, in hopeful development foreground backside concealed a grim reality however -- informatization of medium and small businesses develops serious lag, direct expression is in fundamental informatization degree is inferior, especially the application of enterprise mailbox. The data of RadicatiGroup of international survey firm shows, country is at present only users of 10% medium and small businesses use mailbox, the industry measure that mailbox includes outside using is occupied only 1% (the free mailbox that the others uses portal website to offer mostly or establish post office oneself) , this and amount of huge medium and small businesses formed bright contrast.

And in the process that medium and small businesses has informatization is built, enterprise mailbox is the first pace. As communication tool, enterprise mailbox is helpful for establishing company image already, can ensure again confidential sex, facilitating interior tells letter management. In the meantime, enterprise mailbox is right of business promoting also is quite direct, compare with the communication means photograph such as fax, phone, the instant function of enterprise mailbox makes the enterprise is in intense with each passing day market competition quite those who maintain altitude is sensitive and answer in time -- and the key that this decides its success or failure just about.
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