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Analysis: Chrome is new Trojan horse of Gu Ge
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Guide language: Foreign media Zhou Sifa expresses analytic article to think, chrome browser is the edge tool of network of cereal song go on an expedition not just, be ultimate to Microsoft challenge more set sth afoot.

Browser of Gu Ge Chrome comes out a few days, saliva already blotted out the sky and cover up the earth, among them conspicuous is Andrew of famous IT essayist Woluosiji is · san Francisco " begin to remember things person newspaper " writes comment: "Chrome is Gu Ge plant for Gears the Trojan horse below " .

Look, chrome is a technology merely at present reveal, and this shows extraordinary success, very quick red fox or the user of Opera changed direction. Nevertheless actually, chrome is one is more Gears the Trojan horse of embedded user PC. Gu Ge also aimed at those preparation to roll out about new-style the manufacturer that exceeds portable computer, they seek Gu Ge probably to serve, similar the GOS that comes from the Linux platform evolution of Ubuntu and so on.

The online service that the design concept of Gears is song letting cereal is more charming, also let speech of Gu Ge control counterpoise at the same time, someone else will be epigone.

Nobody can think Gu Ge wants to design a faster browser only really. If in that way, red fox is enough. To any people that hate IE, red fox has been and will still be the most convenient substitute, but whether does red fox still have sufficient capacity to be covered then in oneself network application plays on platform very it's hard to say.

The figure that Dan Gu song already planned to want to be him Microsoft killer erects surveyor's pole, the component that rolls out retail version -- build probably on Ubuntu -- will be ultimate goal. It is nevertheless before this, gu Ge needs application development member enrol to general, begin from Chrome first.

This is an interesting show, see Microsoft of desktop Prince of the Devils song of cereal of overlord of big fight network is worth a fare for certain. The show began, be enjoyed well.

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