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Wuhan 3G construction enters mobile phone of materiality phase 3G to staying cit
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Recently, by center of information of Chinese internet network (the seminar of sponsorred 2008IP address resource such as CNNIC) is held in software park of the Milky way. The conference discloses, IPv4 address resource according to allocate at present speed remains many days 830 only. At the appointed time, if do not take step, new netizen will not get online normally.

Business of group of IP of department of CNNIC international business is in charge of Li Kai to explain, the netizen should get online to must want to have an IP address normally, through IP address ability analytic domain name browses a webpage. At present Chinese majority network is the network address of use IPv4, regard the foundation of Internet as resource, the resource of IPv4 is finite, had used at present 80% . Among them use quantity of China exceeded Japan of late, be next to the United States to reside the world the 2nd. According to eye antecedent besides, the network address resource of IPv4 remained many days 830 only, this is meant arrive about when 2010, if do not use new address resource, new netizen will not get online normally, the business of network operation business also cannot be extended.

Li Kai introduces, at present the United States had developed IPv6 network address, this is a kind of network foundation resource that does not have upper limit. But at present China uses this address resource teach a net only. If want to use the network address of IPv6, mean operation business to want to use new facility, and old equipment should be washed out, this needs the fund with very big brushstroke, "We open a seminar everywhere now, want to tell a network operation to business applies for the IP address that leave as soon as possible namely, reserve rises, the IP address that should prepare to offer IPv6 for the netizen ahead of schedule additionally " .

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