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CN domain name aids Beijing incomplete communication of information of abstruse
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At present, accompany Beijing incomplete of abstruse meeting kick off grandly, what see besides everywhere is trouble-free outside establishment, by what be a foundation with CN domain name trouble-free news service network also is formed subsequently. No matter be website of government of incomplete Olympic Games (Paralympic.beijing2008.cn) , still be website of Chinese disabled federation (Cdpf.org.cn) , Chinese volunteer network (Zgzyz.org.cn) the form that waits for a website to be able to see CN domain name.

Information of abstruse meeting implementation communicates Beijing incomplete trouble-free

Be in Beijing early before abstruse meeting begins incomplete, to make broad disabled can get the of all kinds information of the Olympic Games better, beijing incomplete website of abstruse meeting government (Paralympic.beijing2008.cn) , website of Chinese disabled federation (Cdpf.org.cn) waited for many websites to be finished those who be aimed at the disabled is trouble-free transform. And net of atmosphere of incomplete Ao Fan (Afqx.qingdao.gov.cn) , Chinese volunteer network (Zgzyz.org.cn) waited for large quantities of one websites to join the train that for incomplete abstruse meeting serves actively also.

As we have learned, early in Beijing incomplete abstruse meeting times 100 days during, to can serve incomplete better abstruse meeting, website of government of the edition when abstruse meeting surpasses Beijing damage (Paralympic.beijing2008.cn) had gone up line, what its offer is trouble-free the webpage tool that browse can help the public figure that inspect barrier more browse website information conveniently. Additional, it returns deploy sign language sows newspaper software, the changeover of information of written language of real time game that gets on Internet delivers an user for sign language. And website of federation of the disabled after transforming (Cdpf.org.cn) became can reflect the governmental portal website with website trouble-free information the first times with a variety of technologies for our country.

Additional, open Olympic Games volunteer net Bv2008.cn homepage still can see, all sorts of incomplete abstruse meeting is volunteer service activity has spread out, incomplete of Beijing of service of volunteer of 1 million societies of abstruse meeting prelusive pull open stealthily. In the meantime, the website still provides damage link related abstruse meeting, so that better provide a service for the user. And net of atmosphere of incomplete Ao Fan (Afqx.qingdao.gov.cn) opened China and weather forecast of world sign language, service it may be said is attentive and considerate. Chinese weather net (Weather.com.cn) , net of Olympic Games security (Www.ayab.cn) wait for many websites to also be in for incomplete abstruse meeting serves, the daily life that also gives people at the same time brought huge advantage.

The expert expresses, beijing incomplete abstruse meeting information is trouble-free website action and auxiliary technology application provide medium of communication of information of Internet of evolutional of seasonable understanding Olympic Games for domestic broad disabled, this is humanitarian to Beijing Olympic Games, of concept of Olympic Games of science and technology reveal, it is strategy of construction of informatization of national disabled domain and society more of humanitarian consideration spirit reflect.
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