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IP address is in an emergency personage of difficult online major weighs new net
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Report in the light of domestic media " Chinese IP address is in an emergency, new netizen is difficult after two years get online " message, the Internet major personage such as broadband of Chongqing telecommunication, wide report thinks this one view fastens exaggerate yesterday, the netizen need not worry.

Held recently " seminar of 2008IP address resource " upload a view, because IPv4 natural resources is limited, already used at present 80% , new 2010 netizen will not get online normally.

Chief explains related broadband of Chongqing wide report, IPv4 network address uses less truly more, but unapt still after saying this meeting is brought about two years, new netizen cannot get online, because of rich of Internet resource unlike in that way cannot second birth, existing technology can solve IP address in short supply problem, already threw partly for instance those who use upgrade technical IPV6, make IP address amount expands greatly.

Personage of major of Chongqing telecommunication broadband also thinks, "IP address resource is in short supply " pure belong to hype. The device that in recent years telecommunication introduces is to support IPV4 and IPV6 at the same time, once all seats taken of IPV4 network address, operation chamber of commerce enables IPV6 automatically, the netizen need not fear it is difficult to get online completely.

Professional personage introduces, serve as IPV4 upgrade version, next generation internet networks that are core with IPV6 agreement have abundant IP address, everybody can divide predicting whole world to million. The change that it brings to people life is: Arrive from PDA mobile phone, even CD listens, the electronic commodity such as watch, will have an unique IP address; Network TV gains ground more; The user can pass Internet at any time, to the home medium electric equipment has different ground remote control; Bankbook Zhang date also can be replaced by IP address.

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