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MSN was become last night machine whole world of 1 hour of influences 9 million
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On September 12, according to Taiwan media coverage, microsoft admits, MSN headquarters server was become last night machine more than one hour, for this, the user of 9 million accepts the whole world greatly influence. Still be when machine reason at present in investigation.

According to the report, taiwan Microsoft network serves a cause group marketing manager Zhong Wanzhen expresses, as a result of its American headquarters carries out server maintenance, taipei time last night 10 when control partly, MSN ever brief when machine 1 hour, 3% users accept the whole world influence.

She expresses, evening 6 when begin to be received namely when machine inquiry phone, already reacted relevant circumstance to headquarters of its United States; But because be American midnight time at present, detailed account reachs influence situation, need to stay after the class only then can find out. Of evening when machine incident, server of probable same out services the account.

She points out, MSN last time the whole world happened 2005 when machine circumstance greatly, influence dimensions makes an appointment with user of 5% whole worlds.

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