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Enterprise mailbox expects interconnection of innovation new network follows hea
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Launch the promotion of business permeability through Internet as the enterprise, enterprise mailbox will serve as an enterprise external the method of important news report of contact, also representing a company at the same time external brand image. In addition mailbox application still can increase a business inside, exterior office efficiency, save the pay that company document hands. And future, enterprise mailbox will assume mail business not just, however outspread the center of fictitious business affairs that is an enterprise, rely on purely to prevent the set stunt such as capacity of rubbish mail, mailbox, stimulate the nerve of business client hard. Contrary, the business of denotative type appreciation that is a center with mailbox will be obtained approbate, in the meantime, "Along with need custom-built " , said by the enterprise the mailbox that calculate will be favorred, also enhance huge the competition ability that serves business and its partner on the other hand. New network interconnection is rolled out formally at 8 the beginning of the year along with need custom-built " generation is fictitious mail server---Mail along with the heart " , through the operation of half an year, had broken through 10 thousand enterprises, more than 100 thousand user is used, obtained arrogant person military successes, also brought fresh air to current and post-office market.

The enterprise favors " the mail that follow a heart "

In the past, mailbox of medium and small businesses serves more be passive type prompt demand, but in fact, enterprise mailbox passes the development of 10 the coming year, current current situation had broken away from the demand of the enterprise, coessential the competitive structure that change is about to act desire intense, it is medium and small businesses at the same time the driving demand to enterprise mailbox, be whole of enterprise mailbox market at the same time is fatigued and weak. Apparent, the amlposition of supply and demand and demand was brought about " glacial fire is double day " of the phenomenon emerge. New network interconnection rolls out " mail along with the heart " the amlposition that solved this one demand to go up fitly, open up gave the new La Hai of market of an enterprise mailbox.

Why to obtain beautiful accomplishment to the predestined relationship? Controller of new network interconnection is attributed to the success two respects element. Above all, according to the change of market condition, business client demand is increasing ceaselessly, " generation is fictitious mail server- - the mail that follow a heart " generation was changed before inside post-office market territory " it is a center with the product " mode. Take the lead in innovating went out to be oriented new pattern with client demand.

The post-office market in the past puts in two kinds of circumstances commonly: The first kind is the enterprise of server of him erect post office, wait for the requirement of each respect as a result of capital, technology, below current and intense market environment, had not followed to go up gradually the pace of the times, cannot satisfy all sorts of different requirement of the enterprise. The 2nd kind of mode: The acting company of a lot of major, as a result of the product fossilization of acting manufacturer, coessential change, in business begin a process among, increased while oneself serve cost, also do not reflect the competitive ability that gives core. "" of fictitious mail server introduced generation international defends virus rubbish technology advancedly, connect Chinese shift, UniCom, iron, educational net, telegraphic, net connects interconnection of reciprocity of 6 large networks and efficient configuration to fall, solve not only beset the company is at present postal the problem such as mail of stability, speed, rubbish, and it is above business mode was being rolled out is size not only, the capacity of each mailbox and advanced function are OK and optional custom-built, also can press even time the month year buy, the new pattern that add expends, change direction to be a center with the client for the center with the product, be satisfied successfully and realized all sorts of demand of the enterprise. This kind of new pattern is rolled out, it is the beautiful performance that this product takes main reason, those who acquired the market is extensive reputably.
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