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Expert: Market of Hrome of 鰿 of Lang of Qiao Zhi is had rate it is only 1%
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Gu Ge rolls out what the incident of the browser lets whole industry to be caught for this mad, a lot of people are fatidical even of IE and Firefox downfallen. Today " PCMagazine " write civil point out, when people from cereal song browser excited with noisy in quiet to come down when, what browser market share achieves growth is not Chrome however Firefox.

Lack be apt to can old

In network times, a lot of people think the browser can replace an operating system. The practice that Gu Ge rolls out a browser compares development apparently the operating system is more advisable, but he is not worth us to be this insanity.

Already what somebody begins to forecast IE and Firefox is downfallen. Really such, the certain distinguishing feature that Chrome has is really pretty good, for example OK and dissociable label, alone close the window " sandbox " (Sandbox) isolating function is waited a moment, but to the user, all these still calculates only on have a blurred vision. All these is hypothesis, if Gu Ge strides a domain can become an overlord, and actually, gu Ge also has the unsuccessful product such as Gu Ge Talk.

whole, be apt to of Chrome function lack but old. Instead " the network fishs " admittedly important, but IE7 and Firefox are had already be aimed at very well " the network fishs " the front defence function of attack. Custom-built change label to be able to let a website perhaps apply a program to development staff is concealed or display specific function, but average user may feel not know what to do to this kind of function. Microsoft once tried to move in IE7 " home page " , " refresh " and " stop " pushbutton, but sufferred the user resents however.

To Gu Ge, the innovation of side column is apparently lift brillantly, the synergism clearly that this makes Gu Ge a lot of serve. But whats doesn't this have but pretentious, because Gu Ge is affirmatory,use source means to this browser, and these can be in Firefox implementation, latter is a very outstanding browser opening a source likewise.

Will not evolve

Guge will release Chrome browser test version in 100 countries tomorrow, but the Firefox3 that people may prefer to be used at most this year. The user amount that begins browser of try out Chrome will be amazing, but as blatant drop off, the market share of Firefox will achieve growth, is not Chrome.

Although Chrome will be paid close attention to by huge, but the IE7 that average user will still use Vista operating system to be taken oneself, the personage of know the business uses their red fox as before.

Predict to be in May 2009 portion, the market share of Firefox will be achieved 30% . This year later on, microsoft will issue IE8 formal edition, but, the Omnibox address column of the address column that the intelligent address column of Firefox still exceeds IE newest version and Gu Ge. Next year May, predicting Chrome will own the market share of 1% . In 2010, firefox will own the market share of 50% , IE is held 45% , gu Ge Chrome, Opera will contend for share of the rest market together with other browser.
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