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From Olympic Games video big fight sees network video develop a trend
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The Beijing August, wonderful confused shows Olympic Games competition ground, meanwhile, big fight of hookup of video of Olympic Games network also undertakes getting like a raging fire. As a result of the major force of the Olympic Games, all through the ages is the strategic area that the businessman contends for, many enterprises the chance of Olympic Games of have the aid of obtains major breakthrough successfully. To young network video industry, the Olympic Games is him promotion of brand and user discharge absolutely inning.

According to statistic, include CCTV net itself inside, mutual Sohu, sina, Netease, Tecent, leisurely is inspected, PPLive, PPS and cruel 6 waited for 9 websites to obtain accredit to undertake hookup of video of Beijing Olympic Games. From some kind of meaning, big fight of video of this Olympic Games is adumbrative the trend that industry of video of our country network grows.

Relying on the consequence of portal website, sohu marchs successfully network game; Measure giant user by right of a move in chess or a movement in wushu, QQ game became the competitor with couplet numerous the biggest play. This, in the smoke of gunpowder of big fight of Olympic Games video, network video appeared below two fundamental trends that deserve attention.

The first, program copyright is crucial with each passing day. Long-term since, lacking program copyright is the largest block that most video website develops all the time. Video of this second Olympic Games is big in battle, to vantage ground can be held in the market competition after the Olympic Games, website of long already to network video be covetous on much home video nots hesitate principal, spend money like water. According to the report, CCTV international only income of fee of accredit of domestic video program is as high as 400 million yuan. On the other hand, program copyright embraced in the right way to also strengthen the blow that sows behavior to pilfer. A few days ago, fast thunder sows fire of Olympic Games emperor to deliver claim for compensation be prosecutioned because of pilfer more than yuan 200.

The 2nd, portal website a new force suddenly rises. Olympic Games, the accredit of hookup of Olympic Games video of CCTV international got portal website heat is held in both hands, portal website regards this as the superexcellent opportunity that contends for the market with traditional video website even. According to the report, the cost of the order programme that the 4 portals website such as Sohu, sina, Tecent, Netease obtains an Olympic Games and direct seeding accredit all is in 50 million ~6000 10 thousand yuan between. And the video website of a batch of more influential force such as actor cruel, potato fails to obtain Olympic Games hookup to counterpoise however. Because portal website itself collected tremendous person vital energy, after the Olympic Games, will strengthen them to be in greatly the position of network video industry.

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