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Informatization develops 76% energy company to use national CN domain name
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Recently, be in new the 2008 China business that publish in 500 strong list, group of natural gas of oil of company of company of group of Chinese stone chemical industry, national electrified wire netting, China continues to ascend before body a list of names posted up is odd 3. The reporter understands, not come singly but in pairs, and company of these 3 energy also does not have one exception enabled CN domain name to build a website, promote development of enterprise informatization level through Internet platform. In fact, as energy industry informatization construction develops rapid, company of most country energy complies with tide, gave to enterprise informatization strategy height takes seriously. Data of newest a statistic shows, current, company of our country energy applies the scale of national CN domain name to be as high as 76% , make the absolutely main trend of company application.

Domain name application of CN of company of our country energy exceeds 7 into

As China of macroscopical big environment go situation is fluctuant, rate of energy industry development is rapidder. This year, approval of the State Council established bureau of national energy resources to wait for general affairs in order to advance informatization of collaboration of the sources of energy of management of price of the sources of energy, international and energy industry. To domestic energy company, how to raise oneself informatization level, enhance international competition ability, matter to our country the position in international energy situation. Nowadays, it is not only 500 strong medium energy company, also begin even company of civilian battalion energy positive action to rise even, push enterprise informatization strategy further. A few days ago, famous company of civilian battalion energy is new abstruse group also is changed by COM domain name with the domain name that become CN, in order to cooperate " innovation the sources of energy " of new strategy carry out.

As our country large company of civilian battalion energy, new the production that abstruse group basically devotes oneself to clean the sources of energy and application. The near future, new abstruse group develops a condition according to oneself, made " innovation cleanness the sources of energy, improvement lives environment, improve life quality " the company develops the strategy. Formulating new strategy while, the official website of the group advocate the domain name also undertook adjustment, change by original Xinaogroup.com for Enn.cn.

New the act of abstruse group is not Gu exemple. Occupy data of newest a statistic to show, the oil in including, medium electrified wire netting of petrifaction, country company of 21 when wait inside main energy, rate of application of CN domain name is as high as 76% .

Actually, implementation industrialization and informatization confluence, take new-style industrialized way, it is the guidelines that economy of our country new period builds, can last what the informatization level of the enterprise matters to national economy directly development. Project of our country system learns Gao Fuxian of committee member of vice director of council of major of information system project to ever said or state with certainty: "Informatization will be to alleviate the critical factor of Chinese energy crisis. " accordingly, new abstruse group, medium the informatization strategy of the energy company such as petrifaction is had to other company undoubtedly draw lessons from a meaning actively.
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