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The hacker can atttack Gu Ge Chrome remotely to suggest careful with
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Up to now, be apart from Chrome of Google newest browser to release the time that still is less than a week, safe researcher discovers to flaw exists in a buffer of Chrome, this flaw will bring about long-range aggressor to control the computer of the user completely.

This, the flaw that safe expert detects to be in buffer takes very seriously, it is to be being carried out " put additionally for " the border that jussive moment appears is wrong. If the user saved Web webpage to serve medium baleful content, this program will bring about many excessive to give a mistake, these mistakes will be long-range hacker, initiated baleful code controls the computer of the user to create an opportunity.

At the appointed time, long-range aggressor can be full of the webpage of baleful source code through construction, will exploit this loophole. Next, aggressor opens a webpage with respect to user of meeting prevail on, save this webpage that suffers infection next, these webpages will download baleful code subsequently, in the computer of the user, make aggressor OK and complete thereby the computer system that controls those getting that affect.

Safe expert expresses: "The flaw of browser of test version webpage that announces recently, share 6. Among them, the flaw that discovers in the buffer of Chrome is newest a when release, in these flaw, about the half allows to control executive code remotely. Release in Zhou Er Chrome soon, the expert discovers to there is a flaw in Chrome, according to detecting, and this flaw is to result from Safari3.1.

However, the expert expresses, anticipate, these a few flaw in Chrome test version, will may be defeated to solve in subsequently browser test, google can develop a final version that brings devoid concern certainly.

The JohnBambenek of center of SANS Internet storm expresses: "Chrome is a new product, although, there are a lot of flaws and detail out of control in Chrome now, but this is very common in test version, in the test version that opening source code browser especially. Before I think to did not offer accurate solution in Google, the government is unfavorable any news that announce Chrome external, such hackers also take the chance to make a surprise attack without method. "

Current, a lot of users can produce a mistake when executing certain operation, bring about thereby invade remotely. The expert points out, because the browser still is in test phase,all these is, and return wide without investment application.

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