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Xie Feibo: Be about to start satellitic project to be helpful for rush to deal w
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On October 15 message, "3G is in China " forum of high level of 2008 whole worlds is held in Beijing now, industry and Xie Feibo of deputy director general of management board of informatization ministry radio disclose in the speech, our country satellite uses frequency paragraph differentiate the project will be started very quickly.

Xie Feibo expresses, the short of Wenshui River this year plain after seismic happening, satellitic system of the whole world offers frequency to our country paragraph, because will tell to our country, rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief is a main topic, must start satellitic terminal project so.

The patulous frequency that 2500 million regard 3G as to 2690 million already was passed on international paragraph, but because wide cable department wants to have report of mobile phone of direct seeding of satellite of S wave band,inspect, so our country did not differentiate all right to this frequency Duan Jin all the time. Because this satellite predicts to blasted off in January next year, predict to will be in so the end of the year is mixed this year next year first half of the year, start this to be opposite a frequency paragraph differentiate. Nevertheless because of satellitic project carry out, this frequency paragraph those who go up differentiate won't use the system that deflection FDD compares on international to differentiate, can compare to TDD probably so advantageous.

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