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Mobile market opens impeach resource to share conduce smash up a monopoly
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New after round of telegraphic course of study recombines, repeat construction the issue is more outstanding because of competitive aggravate. Industry letter ministry and country endowment appoint issued a urgent announcements jointly a few days ago, the requirement advances telegraphic infrastructure to be built in all share. According to the announcement, specific requirement is: Already road of iron tower, lever must be shared; Build road of iron tower, lever to must be built in all; Other base station establishment should be built in all with what transmission line has a requirement share; Prohibit hire signs exclusiveness agreement when tripartite establishment.

This is meant, in times of whole business competition, repeat the chronic illness that builds this one telegraphic line of business to will receive recuperate under medical treatment. Industry thinks generally, of this announcement publish not only interest to repeat construction at decreasing, raise resource utilization rate, and conduce to solve problem of telegraphic market unbalance. Mobile facilities is built in all share execute compulsively, it is the significant step that breaks market unbalance.

Mobile market is truly open impeach

Through this telecommunication recombines, business of a few big operation stands on the new start that whole business competes. Main body of mobile market competition increases, its were changed to open the phase of opposite lag on certain level. But, no matter be from base of the station enclothe rate, still be from user dimensions this looks, chinese shift and additional between two operation business difference wide gap. And the competition ability of operation business basically depends on these two index.

China's mobile network is enclothed rate is good at other two operation business. According to statistic, china's at present mobile GSM base the station has 30 in all. 70 thousand, the GSM of Chinese UniCom base the station has 150 thousand, and there are 80 thousand only before C mesh base station. Visible, chinese shift already was formed right base the forestall control of station resource.

In user dimensions respect, china is mobile and exclusive the share of mobile user market of 70 % above. The basis publishs data, up to by August, its user number is amounted to 4. 2.9 billion. The corresponding period, accumulative total of user of mobile phone of Chinese UniCom GSM achieves 1 . 294.6 billion. Accumulative total of user of CDMA mobile phone is 4235. 80 thousand. And, in add user market newly to go up, chinese shift also is one branch alone beautiful.

Apparent, if gap of strength of business of a few operation continues,pull big, mobile market is open be afraid will become theoretic. Accordingly, to Chinese telecommunication and Chinese UniCom, must be in as soon as possible base fill on dimensions of station, user " poor " . If network resource cannot be shared, the likelihood is caused repeat construction question, cause resource unused waste. In the meantime, this will bring not little capital pressure to two operation business, make its develop the package on the back.
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