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Xie Feibo: Frequency of?G of A Chinese-style unlined garment of of Sou peach p
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On October 15 message, "3G is in China " forum of high level of 2008 whole worlds is held in Beijing now, industry and Xie Feibo of deputy director general of management board of informatization ministry radio go out in speech middle finger, at present frequency resource returns our country very have more than needed, but operation business should use 3G frequency paragraph after must extending in license plate.

According to Xiefei wave deputy director general introduces, till today, the 2G frequency of our country still has have more than needed. Because be measured as a result of quotient of our country operation less, because this and posture of foreign operation business are compared, 3G technology has relatively rich frequency resource in our country, the abidance of the network construction that active country plans to be able to support 3G and quite long henceforth period of time develops.

In addition, xie Feibo emphasizes, the frequency that the resource that China has 170 sign is planned to be 3G paragraph, but operation business should use this frequency paragraph if, must sign up for separately batch. If the operation business of 2G wants to use the product of 3G, must extend in 3G license plate of the country later, this is a very serious problem.

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