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Lou Qinjian: 3G development wants issue of intellectual property of give attenti
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On October 15 morning message, industry and Lou Qinjian of informatization ministry undersecretary hold in Beijing now " 3G is in China " express on forum of high level of 2008 whole worlds, 3G development needs to note intellectual property problem, want to protect good intellectual property already namely, should make intellectual property diffuses again and form an industry to interact.

It is reported, this is the information that shows similar side fully about first time of sectional high level. Lou Qinjian thinks, to intellectual property a crucial question that dealing with is influence 3G development. At present the industry has " very bad phenomenon " be, patent gainer likes to take charge of patent all over the sky, make the development of relevant technology gets block up.

"A kind of technology or knowledge do not get customer approbate, be impossible to develop somewhat, 3G also is put in such problem. " look in Lou Qinjian, 3G development needs to avoid the problem of intellectual property overprotection as far as possible, and before to intellectual property deal with an element that the problem already evolved into to develop for block up 3G on certain level.

Lou Qinjian points out, TD-SCDMA regards the 3G technology level that China raises as draft resolution, get international is approbated, do very well now. But will tell to 3G, no matter be which kind of technologies, want to consider business issue, must deduct the requirement of contented consumer closely.

Review past 3G to develop course, he thinks people fries 3G overheat, tend for a time mystification, this instead block up the development of 3G. "I am told as a consumer, without giving thought to you how many G, how convenient use go. Talking about 3G socially now, know 3G truly a few are there? its mystification, fry very fiercely, block up develop. " Lou Qinjian says.

Lou Qinjian returns a view, 3G is in prospective development besides need to notice give attention to two or morethings to be mixed to the protection of intellectual property reasonable use, still need to notice to had solved the problem of the following respects, what should consider a technique namely is durative, solve good spot is built and cover an issue, balance good cooperation and competitive relation.

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