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UniCom will be indebted asymmetrical control and WCDMA advantage
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After new UniCom holds water, its develop foreground to get attention fully. Gao Cheng negotiable securities published research report to point out a few days ago, the net is connected business data of the 3rd season is published before picking a brand, this locality telephone subscriber drops continuously, and broadband business grows strong continuously, period adduction is entered by year drop 4% to 193 ﹒ 500 million yuan (RMB. Similarly hereinafter) .

Should point out all right, the income that the net connects is exhausted weak, because want to strengthen,be relatively the business of high-end appreciation catenary, control the development of information communication technology, and the Olympic Games also brings an influence to client growth.

Gaocheng believes, short-term share price basically can suffer UniCom the industry replaces place to drive, and after macroscopical environment is stable, will look into place to drive by foreground, is not historical outstanding achievement.

Should maintain all right value UniCom, believe UniCom can be indebted the advantage at WCDMA, and come in future the asymmetry control policy that will announce inside two quarters. The telecommunication in be being compared, the risk that the shift that UniCom faces replaces firm network is lesser, and policy also will produce openly effect to its.

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