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Communication exhibits big check: ?G changes chrysalis Cheng Die
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[editor's note] information communication exhibited China International to will be held in Beijing to 25 days on October 21 2008. Just meet industry and informatization confluence development are accelerated, telegraphic course of study recombines the business that reach 3G to use what be about to begin is current exhibit meeting, chose " shirt-sleeve, change, good luck " theme. And numerous reveal content to also develop this one theme incisively and vividly. We will be you careful check exhibits the heat of the meeting, and the technology that place map gives develops a tendency, the hope depicts the future that gives an industry to develop blue print with this.

[dispatch of communication industry net] (reporter Meng Xiangchu) spend likeness year old years old year after year, years old year old annual " exhibit " different. The barometer that regards communication as the industry and point to guide, 2008 communication extend the newest trend trend that from each angle much azimuth presents a wireless communication field. In highlight " shirt-sleeve " below the premise of the trend, of communication equipment tycoon appear showpiece " have a common goal " , and the technology is coessential change competition to make a person anxious.

First after telecommunication recombines, may be the distinguished gathering of last communication industry before Chinese 3G license plate extends more at the same time, communication of information of 2008 China International is exhibited fall next heavy curtain. In include what tycoon of almost all communication tastes newly is panoramic reveal on, no matter be the product that each ginseng exhibits business, still be the forum of expert attending the meeting, all explained wireless technology to tend from each flank " shirt-sleeve " thematic, all sorts of wireless technologies make type in all platform product is become bestow favor on newly.

Ginseng postpone a business " happen to coincide " the ground exhibits the product exceeding 3G such as HSPA, LTE, go up from each unified platform the shirt-sleeve trend that wireless to all sorts of broadbands communication makes type " reach consensus " . Meanwhile, a few similar product technology concepts sadly arisen.


Existing 3G can't have attracted the too much eyeball inside course of study, b of version of HSPA, HSPA, EVDO and even LTE, in current postpone the embark upon a political venture on the meeting. As TD standard advocate the big Tang Yi that shoves a hand is moved, take the lead in demonstrating TD to enhance business TD-HSDPA, rate amounts to 2.8Mbps. And the TD-LTE business that big Tang Yi moves as mobile as China combination to release demonstrates, more from exhibit can begin to become lasting focus to star namely. Rate of wireless data transmission be issued to lower levels can amount to prototype of this TD-LTE principle 100Mbps, go up rate achieves 50Mbps.

And current exhibit of the meeting " a dark horse " appear in China to exhibit an area, china the video that is based on TD-HSUPA to exhibit first with division of the letter that weigh mail sheds media business. This is card of data of first HSUPA inside course of study, support HSUPA1.1Mbps and HSDPA1.1Mbps, can stabilize support to go up at present rate of 600Kbps ~ 700Kbps.
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