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Big Tang Yi moves: HSUPA promotes VoIP business development
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Compare with TD photograph, offer receiving rate higher is the technical dominant position with the largest HSDPA/HSUPA, this also is the premise that operation business hopes to use HSPA to promote competition ability. Current, global telecommunication course of study from technical drive model turn for business drive model, high speed is wireless get online, the development trend of the business such as interactive game, VoIP and demand dimensions, already became the core motive force that HSDPA/HSUPA high speed expands.

HSUPA emerge as the times require

Market of business of broadband beehive data is changing quickly. Mere a few years ago, UMTS still lies inchoate deploy phase, the tall bandwidth professional work that can use is little little, and the mobile phone measure that can support these professional work is fewer. Now, UMTS gradually predominate technology, people also is sent more to the dependence of mobile apparent. In the meantime, the mobile phone of the different price that supports all sorts of new functions, new business also appears on the market in succession, the terminal user that because this operation business is OK,acquires is more.

Such market development facilitates the bitter fleabane break out of a variety of 3G technologies is exhibited, the TD that puts forward independently by our country after many the setback, walk out of haze eventually, in weak point develop flourishingly inside a few years. Meanwhile, operation business and equipment business also are seeking all sorts of way, satisfy the requirement of potential 3G user that the amount raises ceaselessly above all, it is improvement next the user feeling in these broadband business.

Current mobile business, basically have large flow music to the application of 200Kbit/s of network rate prep above download of file of conference of download, video, video, multimedia is interactive game, high speed is wireless get online and send Email, file to upload to wait with seesaw pattern game. Quantities of these convection of new-style data business and defer demand are higher, high speed data receives a technology in group also emerge as the times require. 3GPPR5 version is normative after HSDPA, 3G had to the support of business of be issued to lower levels very big increase. This nature caused a consideration, whether can these technologies that HSDPA uses apply at going up in group of business optimize, undertake ameliorative to upgoing function then? The HSUPA that 3GPPR7 introduces turned this tentative idea into reality. From this, HSDPA/HSUPA makes these new-style professional work prop up, also developed more characteristic business to provide technical safeguard for operation business at the same time.

HSUPA drives VoIP business grows

Today, the osmosis of Internet broke the boundary of traditional and telegraphic domain, the gradual progress that changed mobile is regular, network confluence, business confluence and operation transition a series of develop the industrial factor closely related with mobile Internet, affecting the development way of mobile deeply. Mobile system complete IP is changed already became inevitable trend, this reflected the characteristic of network confluence not only, still reflected it is core with the user, offer for the user advanced, agile, the thought of the business that extensive is in. Accordingly, the mobile network that IP changes is become get used to mobile business diversity, make the base of mobile Internet new era.
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