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2008 communication exhibit big check: IT is propped up first whole business and
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Every communication is exhibited, what often can refract a few kinds of old techniques and a photograph shutout business is downfallen, but often also can emerge at the same time reveal new field and new hope. The reporter is propped up in visiting IT after exhibiting a stage, deep-felt feeling is gone to by photograph comparing a communication exhibit, 2008 communication are exhibited in IT the domain that prop up appears gave trend of clear get warm again after a cold spell.

Exhibit in a few communication in the past on, IT props up the person that the system is propped up as the tiring-room of operation business, the person that often be watched to exhibit is to postpone him business even place ignore; Communication is exhibited give priority to horn with all sorts of communication technologies after all, the information chemical industry that the IT system that prop up regards operation of oneself of telegraphic operation business as the job is provided, be inside of collect, low-key. Look in operation business, IT props up a system to build achievement to not was necessary to be publicized, this is belonged to " oneself thing " , the experience that has had cannot be told more come out to be learned to go by the competitor; Look in mainstream manufacturer, the gain with IT meager product cannot be rivalled with equipment product photograph, undeserved beautiful energy goes publicizing. Accordingly, a few communication were exhibited in the past, manufacturer of a lot of IT and operation support professional firm sensible ground chooses to be not joined exhibit. And exhibit in current communication on, suffer telecommunication to recombine the influence with whole business operation, IT and operation are propped up kind reveal relatively in former years has increase apparently, join what the person that exhibit throws to take apparent increase seriously. Because whole business will make telegraphic operation business begin new round, the system that prop up transforms the IT of large-scale, long cycle, and this year is the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor that telecommunication recombines, also be the beginning that operation business brews system of new generation IT planning, manufacturer people the conduct propaganda that also begins naturally to take pair of IT seriously to support a product. Be the resolution that numerous manufacturer wants to seize market opportunity, exhibit IT to prop up a domain to bring new appearance for communication.

SDP hopeful is broken ice

SDP is IT manufacturer and one of software platform that advisory manufacturer pushs in telegraphic travel owner, but as a result of all the time since IT manufacturer participates in communication to exhibit rarely, the chance that watchs the person that exhibit to see SDP product is revealed so is not much. This second communication is exhibited is one big exception, or-acle ginseng exhibits the SDP product that exhibited to mature. Although the idea of SDP is not new, but the executive application case that SDP still does not have in domestic operation business at present, the function of deploy of flexible professional work that accordingly its can provide and functional necessity still will be in future makes telegraphic operation trade continuously inside period of time the problem of careful consider. Like IBM, HP, oralce ever put forward before in early and had managed oneself SDP solution, and exhibit this lie particularly at its SDP is brand-new came true as outstanding as BEA among the conformity of the product, and the amplification of catenary of modes of life and relation to their environment of business of independent software development. In exhibit a stage to go up, the technical personnel of former BEA introduced each member of OralceSDP in detail for the interested person that look around. Industry expects to correspond the next time exhibit the SDP solution that goes up to also can see the firm such as IBM, HP, telegraphic operation business needs to compare more pair of products and skill, thereby can more comprehensive ground appreciates SDP to be mixed in operation of whole business of software level implementation efficient.
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