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Small well-informed father thinks small well-informed still put development vita
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On October 24 " 3G times is small well-informed development foreground " the seminar is held in Beijing, come from UniCom of Chinese telecommunication, China, PHSMoU(small well-informed internationalization presses an organization) , the communication expert scholar such as the father Xu Fuxin that Ji Xiaoling of company of Japanese Willcom company, UT Si Dakang connects participated in a seminar.

Small university of science and technology of electron of well-informed father, Hangzhou teachs Xu Fuxin to think, small well-informed it is only of telegraphic course of study from fall and go up a business that development rises, no matter from technology, business, market each respect is very successful. Face 3G period, system innovation is small well-informed and best outlet. After telecommunication recombines, if can establish wholy-owned subsidiary, have relatively independent operation, bring up a harmonious and easy environment, small well-informed will surely emersion in former days brilliant.

A lot of people are afraid, after home opens 3G, small well-informed business can be pounded. But according to PHSMoU vice-chairman close justice have the introduction, be in the Japan with global 3G the most successful business, PHS business did not disappear. Japanese Willcom company shares PHS user at present 4.6 million, the high speed data that can provide 800kbps gets online business, although hold mobile user sum total only 4% , but 40% what data business flow held sum total. Expert attending the meeting thinks, a variety of evidence show prospective our country is small well-informed will coexist with a variety of communication technologies, the market won't be exited inside short time.

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