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International communication exhibits one of big check: Ze drinks admonish brigh
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TD regale

Communication was exhibited 2008 is grand ceremony of course of study of first after TD policy is Anacreontic large communication, appear in this second exhibit the TD on the meeting, had been the 3G technology of own intellectual property of a China not just.

Showpiece the form tries to be unique. Chinese shift and TD industry alliance first degrees of couplet sleeves appear, gathered TD industry catenary the equipment supplier of each link exhibits a stage with Chinese redbud pattern layer upon layer spread out, china's mobile TD business exhibits an area to rise gradually in the center as stamen. The industry such as equipment of appearance of chip, terminal, antenna, instrument, form a complete set, network system equipment is famous enterprise, offer goods environment around the newest progress of TD product technology, much manufacturer the green environmental protection of antenna of solution of perfect, project, intelligence the content such as character and advantage, with what will bloom continuously is perfect, strong, giant flower, make give to had prepared catenary of industry of TD of formal commercial maturity.

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