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Led the flag no one online voice mail recording technology to catch up
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As China's economic development, communication, communication has developed rapidly, the daily use of the phone can not meet the needs of today's society, no longer content with answering phone, and often need to call bo th the content recorded to meet daily work, with the emergence of digital phone recording phone began quietly into the industry applications.

March 2010, is a happy occasion, but also leading technology companies flag a memorable day. On this day, CTI is a major breakthrough in the industry, the flag of the leading technology companies, is a new milestone. Leading technology companies in a series of flag digital recording telephone, the grand launch automatically upload the LAN implementation, accurate online backup digital recording telephone, recording length 90-600 hours GOV-N series of digital recording telephone. Large-capacity storage is no longer subject to the restrictions of time and storage space!

Leading online digital audio flag technology phone chip microcomputer technology use, easy to use simple voice query, voice data security, storage is no longer limited recording, audio file storage using dual-mode phone can be set to cycle storage, all the while recording file reached the specified PC,; unique privilege level password, you can manage voice query and feature set permissions. The telephone and through the incoming / outgoing call number, year, month date voice query. Can also be a local message: When no one answered the phone, the leading online digital audio flag technology to automatically answer calls. Link flags online digital recording technology can be accurately telephone, no bother to record, so as to provide clear and accurate record of the most original voice data. Leading online digital audio flag technology phone technology company with leading all areas of the flag requirements, developed and developing new digital recording equipment.

For many traffic large business more busy company, is undoubtedly a major piece of good news. Storage space constraints are not recording phone can make and receive calls at ease without having to worry about the loss of information. After learning of the news, the Shanghai Pacific Asset Management Co., Ltd., Suzhou Branch of Minsheng Bank, China Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Branch in November Rongqing groups have called before to confirm the procurement lead flag technology network version of digital recording telephone. Leading technology companies and technical personnel of flag-site service, online voice mail on the installation and demonstration has finished, these companies are leading technology companies on the leading flag made in the latest telephone recording achievements and spoke highly of the strength, and were ordered 50, 30, 50, 60, to meet the Company holidays and the need for daily work, the Department of Materials Rongqing Group Shanghai Branch Manager Zhang said: "There are so long been looking forward to a phone listed to reduce the labor costs , leading technology companies in the flag did not disappoint. our business is busy, with the leading online digital audio flag technology phone, you can save a lot of time and manpower, high-tech is high tech! "

It is worth mentioning that this GOV-N series of online digital audio recording products, though a long phone has not changed, but the function not only not decreased but has been enhanced and strengthened. LAN automatically upload, accurate backup, LAN management documents recording a strong component to achieve the ultra-clear audio effects, no answer message, the computer intelligent management and many other features still allows you to use them handy. At present, a time when eleven holidays approaching, the leading technology companies in the flag 300 hours of online digital recording phone phenomenon has emerged in short supply, but sales Liaojing Li said, the customer is God, we must make efforts to meet customer needs. Also back all the old customers to buy products and give it a certain degree of concessions to thank the company has the support of the flag on the collar.

Technology has changed life, leading flag technology believe that only think of, no can do. We will always think customers are thinking and the reach of customers, leading flag technology would like to work with you to create a better tomorrow!

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